Entries by Cyrus Mehta

Mid-July 2018 Immigration Update

Supreme Court Upholds Latest Trump Entry Ban – On June 26, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld 5-4 the Trump administration’s third travel ban order. The ban prevents the entry into the United States of certain nationals from specific countries, with some exceptions. USCIS Updates Notice to Appear Policy Guidance to ‘Support DHS Enforcement Priorities’ […]

July 2018 Immigration Update

USCIS Recalls 800 Incorrectly Printed Employment Authorization Documents – USCIS said the cards contain a production error that transposed the first and last names of the individuals receiving the EADs. ICE/SEVP Warns Students About Volunteer Positions – SEVP warned that reporting non-qualifying volunteer opportunities as OPT employment will be deemed a violation of reporting requirements […]

Mid-June 2018 Immigration Update

Lottery Has Begun for Increased H-2B Petitions – USCIS began accepting H-2B petitions under the temporary final rule increasing the numerical limit, or cap, on H-2B nonimmigrant visas by up to 15,000 additional visas through the end of FY 2018. Labor Dept. Adds Time Received to Receipt Date for Review of H-2B Temporary Labor Certification […]

Mid-April 2018 Immigration Update

Headlines: Attorney General Orders ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy for Improper Entries at Southwest Border; President Issues Memo on ‘Catch and Release‘ – Attorney General Jeff Sessions directed federal prosecutors along the southwest border of the United States to adopt immediately a “zero-tolerance policy.” Later the same day, President Donald Trump issued a memorandum on “catch and […]

April 2018 Immigration Update

Headlines: USCIS To Begin Accepting FY 2019 H-1B Cap-Subject Petitions April 2, Suspends Premium Processing – Starting April 2, 2018, USCIS will begin accepting H-1B petitions subject to the FY 2019 cap. USCIS said it will temporarily suspend premium processing for all FY 2019 cap-subject petitions, including petitions seeking an exemption for individuals with a […]

H-1B Tips for Employers

On April 2, employers can start filing H-1B temporary visa petitions for foreign professionals for work starting October 1, 2018. The law limits new H-1B visa numbers to 85,000 a year. Because many more employers than that are likely to file petitions, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will receive applications for one week and […]

Mid-March 2018 Immigration Update

Headlines: California, Sued by Dept. of Justice for ‘Sanctuary’ Laws, Continues to Resist – DOJ filed a lawsuit against the state of California, its governor, and its attorney general over several “sanctuary” laws passed by the state. State officials remained defiant. Lost in the Weed: Practitioners Warn About Potential Immigration Consequences of Marijuana Use – […]

March 2018 Immigration Update

Headlines: Supreme Court Declines Trump Administration Appeal in DACA Case – The U.S. Supreme Court let stand without comment a ruling by a federal judge to block the Trump administration’s plan to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals by March 5, 2018. Supreme Court Says Certain Aliens May Be Held in Indefinite Detention, Remands Case […]

Mid-February 2018 Immigration Update

Headlines: Immigration Bills Fail in Senate, Including DACA; House Bill’s Prospects Appear Dim; Second Court Enjoins DACA Rescission – Four immigration bills failed in the U.S. Senate, and a House bill appears doomed. Also, a second court enjoined DACA rescission, with a nationwide preliminary injunction while lawsuits proceed. The decision included certain limitations. President Trump […]

February 2018 Immigration Update

Headlines: State of the Union Speech Outlines Immigration Reform Proposal; White House Releases ‘Framework’ on Immigration and Border Security – President Donald Trump outlined several immigration-related themes during his State of the Union address on January 30, 2018. Also, the Trump administration released its “Framework on Immigration Reform & Border Security” on January 25, 2018. […]